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Hair Today. Hair Tomorrow.

So, today, I went to my Ouidad hair model appointment. Ouidad is the pre-eminent expert on cutting and styling curly hair. I only agreed to grow my shorn hair (circa 2007) because the hubby said he’d shell out the cash to support the hair. Her hair products are pricey but deliciously wonderful for my hair. Her haircuts run about $100 and up, $150 and up if she’s styling you herself. I had a newbie working to carve and slice hair. They made it look fabulous.

Sad, sad things:

1. My hairline is receding. (The culprit? Covering my hair.)
2. My hair is thinning on top. (The culprit? Covering my hair.)

As if it isn’t bad enough, covering my hair often exacerbates my fibromyalgia because there are several very sensitive nerve endings on my little skull.

So, what am I wearing on my head today? Gulp. Nothing.

Email to Rabbi:

Okay, you know that it’s been an issue and now there are more just building on top of it.

My hairline is receding and my hair on top is thinning from covering my hair.

Even loose coverings like berets/scarves are setting off the nerve endings on my head and creating pain.

So, now, it’s all about…when I cover my hair, when I should cover my hair and is it even worth it to wear a headband or will that just make G-d get a good laugh?

Can I walk around with a doily on my head?

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