I woke up to this the first day of Hanukkah. It was sent to me by a fan in the UK who had it come up on her feed.

When I posted on YouTube and Facebook that the content was racist, and other friends did as well, I was blocked and my comments were erased as were those of our friends. They did not address our statements at all.

This is not some random organization. JEM Community Center is based in Beverly Hills and I’ve actually frequented it. I will be contacting them more directly to urge them to remove this video.

Their number is 310-772-0000.

Their email is contact@JEMCenter.com

You can send them a letter here:

JEM Community Center
9930 South Santa Monica Blvd.
Beverly Hills, Ca 90212

I also posted this on the page of the comedian featured. His name is Benny Illulian.

This video is racist. Blackface without makeup is still racism. It’s not funny. I can’t believe JEM Community Center is using this video to advertise their event. As someone who has been to JEM before, I am disappointed. As an anti-racist advocate in the Jewish community, this is not a video I needed to receive several times this morning from different fellow Jews of color. I will be contacting JEM directly and urging other Jews of color to do the same.

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