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My Imagination or Yours?

No, I must have just imagined that someone asked me if the reason why I was speaking at a Reform synagogue in Teaneck was because none of the Orthodox synagogues would have me. And if so, was I going to bash Orthodoxy to the non-Orthodox?

Wow, yes, my imagination is just working overtime….

Nope, wait, definitely didn’t imagine it. It’s someone else’s imagination that is working overtime. I felt dirty just reading that email. I wish I had said, “What is wrong with you?” But I tried to be…more respectful. I think another friend was right when he noted the Orthodox person who asked this question was “projecting.”

Anyway, if you’re female and in Teaneck on Thursday, March 4, 2010, I hope to see you at my “Memoirs of a Jewminicana” A Women’s Only Rosh Chodesh Event” at Temple Emeth. And just in case your imagination goes any crazier, let’s just clear this up: it’s a women’s only event because it’s celebrating Rosh Chodesh. I do, in fact, normally speak to mixed audiences…Orthodox or not.

5 thoughts on “My Imagination or Yours?

  1. Rabanit-We live in a sick Jewish society if you have to explain appearing before an audience in a Reform Bait Knesset. In the last 3 months I've spoken before 2 Orthodox groups & 1 Reform. I'd love to be on the same podium with you someday.


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